Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thunder on the mountain

Click on the pics to see them bigger. I don't know how to blog, apparently... but it was a fine and honorable day.


Yep. I just got back from the "holler". I wore pink and pearls and dirty bare feet and had a blast. Pun intended. Back to the West Virginia holler where my dad lived and died. He would have burst with pride. The first half of that day I spent playin' poker with all the men who used to play with my dad. I was honored they all came, and they were proud to honor dad by doin' it. Besides, they kinda like me too. ::laughing:: And that night we gathered up a younger crowd and a couple daring men. I brought the fireworks and they did the job.

Words cannot describe the awesome of that night. It was perfectly still with not a leaf moving. The air was cool and the people were happy. The ring of trees around the holler and that circle of pure dark, sparkly night sky made the perfect frame for those fireworks. I'd dare to say they they could be seen across the county, and I'll never forget that day as long as I live.

All I know is it was my first trip back to the mountain since my dad passed, and I was plannin' to say hello and let him know I was doin' ok.

I think he saw me.

And I am blessed.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Is now officially my first day of retirement. I chose the number specifically just because I like it. 7/7/11 feels kind of lucky to me ::laughing::

Life is already strangely different but in the most wonderful way. I haven't had to take any Xanax in days which is a miracle enough for me... but not having a clock rule my day is just as awesome. Now I have time to do all the little things. I picked about 4 cups of raspberries from my backyard yesterday. It's too hot to make jam so I put them in the freezer for another day but it was neat to get so many from a berry bush I never knew was there. Of course I could gather more, but it's a scratchy business and I thought 4 cups for one batch of jam was enough. *grin*

And I think today I'm gonna take my new wheels out for a spin and try it out by going to get my first soft serve ice cream cone of the summer - so how's that for livin' large?

Simple pleasures. I am abundantly and overwhelmingly blessed.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What a difference a day makes!

Seems the Human Resource guy got the papers he needed today (he thought it was gonna take weeks) and when he called me at 4:22 this afternoon, he said that if I want to, I can be retired TOMORROW!!

I can't yet adjust to the fact that I'm gonna be retired - although I've told EVERYONE at work - which is why I think they're in a hurry to get me gone asap, but can't make me naner-naner. Tomorrow is too soon, and I have up to thirty more days to choose from. I'm meeting with him at 8am tomorrow (yeah, that's how fast they're rushing me). They've even already run the numbers for me on the financial side and I'm gonna be fine. But I've been thinking about it and I believe this time I'll go at the time of MY choice, not theirs. Besides, I need time just to soak up the goodness of knowing I WON!

Anyway... I picked up my new glasses (already!) and it is sooo good to see again ;D. Wow. Did I mention my head is spinning. This week just presented within its little self, a thousand new possibilities for me and I can't stop grinning.

Have I mentioned once or twice that I am BLESSED?

P.S. Can a girl EVER get tired of being told she looks way too young to retire? I think not and I heard it a lot today ::laughing::

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh this is a good one...

My cat stole my glasses!!!! My hand to God! I fell asleep on the couch last night, woke up and reached for my glasses and they were no where to be found. For two hours I searched and searched and searched. Threw couch cushions on the floor, felt around under tables and things (cuz I'm blind as a bat), still no glasses.

Ok, so what else could I do but call in sick to work, and yes, I DID say "my cat stole my glasses". Have mercy. So I had an OLD pair of computer glasses that worked good enough for me to see the road and I was at the opticians before they opened...good thing it wasn't far away and it turned out I was eligible for a new pair of regular and a pair of computer glasses (union benefit every two years). Bad thing is they won't be ready for a week.

Soooo... they took the frame from the old computer glasses I had on, put some "make do" lenses in and brought the cost down as much as they could for this extra pair. One teeeeensy little problem though. I wear bifocals and can't see a damn thing up close with these plain "make do" lenses on. As I type my nose is literally 6 inches from the computer. I wonder how that's gonna go for the rest of the week at work when I spend 8 solid hours punching numbers into a computer :::sigh:: I already know the migraines will be forthcoming.

And then I thought for SURE I'd get home and see my old glasses right away. Not so. I've looked for an hour now that I can see and I STILL can't find them. I highly suspect the little kitty since her toys are all over and under everything. She carries her favorites in her mouth... but come on, this place isn't that big! Where the HECK could they be???? But I can't worry about that now because there was also a note in the mail that I have a registered letter to be picked up at 3:00.... and highly unlikely it's gonna bring good news, whatever it might be.

First it was the dentist yesterday telling me the tooth he's working on that ALREADY has a root canal, now is gonna cost close to $1,000 to finish - yeah, NOW he tells me when it's only HALF done.. and now the glasses which even with my union plan, still had to drop another $300 today.

But ending on a good note, I did manage to stop at Taco Bell on the way home to score some lunch ;D . So that's my week so far, how YOU doin'? *grin*

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The regal deer.

They were there again this morning. Standing in the sunlit field across the road exactly opposite my house. Yesterday I looked out and saw them, then next thing I know, there was the doe with her buck right behind her. I swear as God is my witness, they stood in the road exactly in front of me and they were looking at me. For several minutes she looked and I admired the both of them.

I think I could be a scientific experiment of my own with how much stress a person really CAN handle before their body implodes. But I know these signs are meant to make me strong... and Lord knows I'm tryin'. Whatever kind of stress I thought I had before isn't anything compared to what I have now.... but I just try to insulate myself with Xanax and wrap that 2 mg layer with the insulation of the Lord and his angels wings and hope for the best.

I DO enjoy my front windows though. Every morning I sit there and watch the sun come up and wait for my friends the deer.

And I am blessed.

6PM update...she was there again when I got home from work...waiting for me. I crossed the road and admired her for a while..then went in and I haven't seen her for the rest of the night. I can't wait till morning ;D

PS,I have FOUR cameras and every battery is dead. Note to self: CHARGE THE BATTERIES!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A story about my dad Happy Father's Day

My dad "died 10/20/2010. I thought this post was good for father's day from my other blog. "'Dad, I love you and I know you're watching over me." I know you're not resting in peace yet... but I swear on my life you will.

I've been thinkin' about my dad all day and I know many of you have been followin' the stories through the years and know that he's my absolute heart. But back in the day that wasn't how it was... he was a mean man who drank whiskey by the quart and his best friend was a loaded gun. I gotta say the truth, at one point when I moved out, at about 17, I didn't speak to him for 15 years. Truth. Then one day, for many reasons, I got in contact again and I bless the day. Anyway.. my brother told me this story a little while back and I'm sharin' it with you because it is so exactly my dad. So typical of him when he was drunk that we laughed at it then and at the same time we were always scared... sometimes too scared to breathe. Just sayin', but I laugh at it now. I know it's not funny at all... and I know some would be stunned.... but this is how we lived.


So when my dad first moved to a mountain in West Virginia about 30 years ago or so (there really wasn't much more than a path in the middle of some wild woods), and his then new girlfriend's (now long passed) kids called my dad on the phone one day to give him hell for taking their mother to such a God forsaken place and they were sayin' how they were gonna come after my dad and kick his ass.

They were on the phone so my dad said to them "hold on just a minute" - reached over, got his always loaded shotgun that was never more than a reach away, shot both hinges off the door - got back on the phone and said "son, you ain't gonna have any problems gettin' in."

Hehehehehe. I know you might not understand why I laugh at that but it's just so typical of him.. there's hundreds of stories like that - it's just how he rolled. He's a mountain man, and he drinks and sometimes those mountain people just live a different way. But I've since learned that He's a special one that dad of mine... and I pray for many more years of makin' up for the ones I lost. Amen.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I have so much fun sometimes.

But I LOVE my "jewels". More often than not, that's what gets me to work in the morning. My clothes are probably "shabby" because I hate shopping... but the jewels. Nothing expensive and mostly from the Q, pearls, silver, agates and onyx... but it's SO much fun. And every single bit of is is "natural" meaning at some point created by God.

I am sure beyond doubt the natural stones bring good energy.... and even a DOCTOR complimented me on my necklace yesterday.

Whatever gets ya through the day in a positive and healthy way.. why not? I think tomorrow will be either (well, really not so much since it's supposed to be 95, but I'm in air conditioning all day) pure silver or blue agate middle finger ring (always the middle finger so i can flip the bird in a pretty and lady like fashion), and a blue moonstone ankle bracelet.

The truth of it is.... a few years ago I went to a church. A grey haired, tiny little black lady came up to me and said "when I first saw you, I thought of you as a shining jewel to God". She wrote down her "vision" and I carry it in my wallet even today.

Since then, I've decided to let my light shine and make sure God can see me at all times ;)

I am SO blessed and I thank God every day. Amen.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My next 30 years..

That Tim McGraw song hit home for me because that's pretty much what I've been doing for the past year or so. With so many people around me sick and workin' in a hospital and seein' so much... I decided a little bit back I shouldn't take my health for such granted. I am not 30 anymore and I am not the immortal being that you think you are in those years. That's one thing dad always said "If ya haven't got your health you ain't got nothin". So in his honor, I've been trying to find healthy ways to channel stress and I do believe I'm finding it. He'd be proud.

And I must be doing something right if I feel this good and I know my dad always pushed his body to do hard work no matter what - and I'm trying to keep that in mind. It's not easy, but I know it's good for me. Pilates is my new habit. I actually look forward to doing a workout. How crazy am I?? Maybe it's a phase, but maybe not and I'll cross my fingers for the not *grin*.

All I know is I feel goooood. And I am blessed for this day.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hello little bloggie :)

I know, I know... but I've been a busy girl... but I'm gettin' er done. Including just having the carport roof raised two feet so I can get the cutest little camper in the world under it. Yeah.. I really should have thought about the height of that camper before I bought it online and sight unseen, because I had every intention to park underneath The carport I already have. I know myself, If I can't get the camper in and out easy and quick, I know I'll never use it - sooooo, raise the roof I did!! *grin*.

Next up is vehicle shopping for something I can tow it with. I've spent the night out there a few times now and I must say, it IS quite comfy! When I'm ready, I have friends that are gonna take me with them camping and show me all the gee-gaws and how they work, camp etiquette... and how to build a good campfire ::laughing:: I'm looking forward to it. And you know I'm gonna blog all about it. Actually, that's been my "writing project" I'm working on - to document my "camping solo" adventures. I should have plenty to work with ::laughing::

It's been quiet on the job so far and I've heard nothing from the retirement board. But it's ok. I really like having my paycheck and I only have 4 more years to go, I pretty much don't even care anymore what happens, I'm gonna be fine as long as I learn how to take care of me along with everything else. And I'm getting there, one step at a time. Sometimes it feels like one step forward and two back, but I know that's not true and I just put my faith into a power bigger than me. So far, so good.

I've also been doing lots of reading - amazing how handy that iPad has become when it just tucks in my purse! I'm also starting to play with my cameras and even working on writing and camping stuff. Projects to keep me busy... and even as I write this I think what a fine thing it is. There was a time not so long ago when I had no desire to work on ANY hobbies whatsoever, not even reading books... yet look at what I just wrote. What a difference a few years can finally make. I am definitely a survivor.

And I am also abundantly blessed. Amen.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Feelin' Groovy.

I am. I have absolutely no news regarding work, but like I said, I get paid very well.. four more years of saving up for retirement can't hurt. Amen. But I'm happy. I finally feel settled for some reason.

And today I had a new hot water tank installed and a SECURITY system! Why I never did this before, I'll never know, but glad I did. Now, even if I'm at work a fire starts the fire dept is notified immediately. Or if glass breaks in a storm or whatever... they got my back. HUGE relief. Living in the country, people aren't likely to hear an indoor fire alarm... so it's all good. It's even got a medical emergency button... just push it and they send an ambulance. VERY cool.

Ok, that's all for now. Think it's time to try out that new hot water heater with the hottest and bubbliest bath I can conjure up.

And I am blessed.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The sun saying goodnight

This was the view across the road last night. Only a cell phone pic because camera battery is dead, but I had to share. This was the the finale to my evening of watching deer roam the field and geese landing on the pond. Pretty good, I'd say.

I am blessed, but sure can't wait to get that new front window in.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thanks Dad.

I know you'd want me to enjoy this camper. I know the money is comin' from money you saved and sweated for. The bonds you saved no matter how much you needed or if you starved. I believe you will bless my journey to see the world and be proud of me for it, and I think you planned this for me. You told me often enough how proud you were of what I've done and I hope to pay it forward. Guide me and protect my journey.... I pray.

You are my heart and I'm proud as I can be to be the daughter of an honest, God-fearing, mountain man.

I am blessed beyond imagination. Amen.


All I can say is I am so excited for this camper. Even IF I have to work out the next 4 1/2 years before I can finally retire - half the fun is in the planning. And I sure do have plans ;) Last gift my daddy ever will/would be able to give me and I'm gonna enjoy every darn minute of it!!

I loved camping when we had a pop-out back in the day, but that's too much work for me on my own. Physically I'm just not very strong. Then we had a camp on Lake Ontario - a seasonal but stationary camp and I loved it. I really loved it, but long story short, lost it due to divorce. So now on to the NEW! I have the "Gecko". I mean, what ELSE can I possibly call it? (I WILL take suggestions ::laughing::) But until then, the new camper shall be referred to as the Gecko.

I wrote my letter for the retirement board today. I wrote like a woman possessed and let the words just flow from my fingertips. Tomorrow I have to finish up with the legal references and put it in the mail and call it good. Dentist tomorrow also which is why I'm not gonna pressure myself to finish the paper today. I did most and it is good.

Tomorrow, and after the dentist, I will finish up and mail it out. Cross your fingers for me if ya would and say a prayer if you'd care to do that.

I am blessed.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I own it!

Oh yes! HELLO baby!! Doesn't it make ya smile just to look at it?

You can see the interior of the exact same model: Here

And may I say woo-hoo! I feel like I'm jumping off the deep end here, but I like it.

I've been thinking about getting a camper for years. I've looked and looked and gotten brave then chickened out again. Finally this little baby has all the amenities and character that I've been looking for. I mean, if I'm camping out in the desert somewhere, I wanna be comfy ;) So I'm takin' a giant leap of faith that I'll be able to learn how to hook up and hitch it and all that fun stuff, but everyone says it's SUPER easy so I'm gonna take their word for it.

Hopefully I'll get to retire very soon and yes, I am working on the paper and plan to finish this weekend, but trying to decide yes or no on the camper was distracting me BIG time. Now I can focus. I hope.

Ohhhh, just THINK of the new opportunities for adventures to blog about that will come along with this camper! ::laughing::

Thursday, March 31, 2011

My honor guard

I could watch this all day long. The day after I had the back windows installed (most excellent), I walked out the front door to go to work and this is what I saw. Only had a minute or two to quietly get camera, but at least I got a quick shot. And in case you can't tell because of the blurry - they're white tail deer. Now you can see why I'm so excited about new windows with unobstructed views so I can watch from inside. *grin* And I'm not gonna Even tell ya about the birds. most anyone that ever comes here watches all kinds come to a feeder in front of this window and they usually comment on how many and all the different kinds. It still amazes me sometimes that people don't see all the colorful birds... bluejays, cardinals, goldfinches, hummingbirds.. all kinds of stuff.. even a rare true bluebird and they hardly ever come to feeders as far as I can tell but I've seen 'em a couple of times now. And may I say, the robins are looking especially gigantic with their red bellies right now, ready to drop that baby blue egg or three, but they are SO fun to watch!


I'm not really all that hard to please ;)

Plus, I took seeing those deer as I walked out the door as a sign that my wild 'ole mountain man dad's talkin' to me, to show me such a sight before a very long day, and I think he approves of the window installation. And I am blessed.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am happy.

What else can I say? It's taken a few years, but I finally have me pretty much figured out. And I'm following up on that ;)

Gonna work hard to get that paper done this week, early is always better.

Thinkin' too that I might own a camper before the week is out and that it too awesome to even let myself ponder on for long.

But the NEW WINDOWS!!! OH my! I only have the back done so far - front one is a custom order - but all I can say, what a difference a window makes.

Dad would be proud.

Amen. I am blessed more than I should be. And I am grateful.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cosmic Shift, Karma, or a knock on the head from God?

I dunno.. but somethin' that's been rollin' around in my head and what I really wanna do - I just decided I will.

With all the fuss goin' on after dad died, and me bein' alone and having no one and nothing to account to- my long ago retirement plans have quite changed. And I'm excited.

As soon as I can retire - could be as soon as next week or as late as four years - but I'm gonna travel. And I don't mean frilly, lazy ass cruises either. I want to SEE things, TOUCH things, SMELL things and talk to the people and see what's goin' ON out there before I'm too old to do it.

Specifically, a one woman (and two cat) road trip cross country to see all the things God has put out there that I've always wanted to see. My main goal will be Yellowstone Park, but I've been lookin' with a lot of interest at those shows on TV that do specials where ya can mine for gems and such. I think that would be cool. And I always wanted to see the Grand Canyon too - other than from a plane. Mix that in with some research from Diners Driveins & dives and a solid membership in Triple A - what more could you ask for?

Am I crazy? I think not. Can I do it? With Garmin' and a little luck, I think so. Do I want to. Yes, now that dad isn't there to go "home" to anymore, I want this more than anything. Need to get in some kind of shape and it'd take a while to work it all out, but it sure would be a diversion while I "wait". And if I don't do it soon, when will I ever be stronger and more able?

There's a camper show comin' up soon and you can be sure I'm gonna be there. I CAN do this.

And I am blessed.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


The new kite catalog came in the mail and I was browsing and remembering. Just before my "bad surgery" in 2003, I was on a one woman crusade to have a kite flyin' family which is why I get the catalog. We had just gotten all sorts of line and new kites for each one of us... but I never got to fly mine. When I was recovering, the ex took pictures of "my" kite, a colorful parrot, that they had flown and taken a picture of just 'cuz they knew it would make my heart happy to see it in the sky... and it did.

Well, anyway.. I think I'm gonna try again. I still have some very awesome kites that are brand new and some have never been flown. I have all the gear so why not? Wind is free and it's just cool to watch a kite in the air.

And besides, next time I go down to West Virginia, my dads grave is on top of a mountain so high you think you can touch the sky - and I'm gonna fly a kite up there - just for him. Amen.

Friday, February 25, 2011


It snowed. Again. A lot. So I'm trying to pretend that snow isn't out there. Curtains are closed and space heater is purring right along with the two kitties. One so large and one so small and both more trouble than you can believe and they keep me busy.

I've also been reading a lot this past few months which is probably why I haven't been blogging so much. E-readers have been gettin' a workout around here. Since so many books are free I've downloaded some classics that I should have read but just never did. Just a few minutes ago finished reading The Secret Garden and it was awesome! VERY inspiring and a recommended read. Who knew?! ::laughing:: Maybe there's a reason those books are classics ;) and I love having a virtual library at my fingertips anywhere, any time. Cool!

And I am blessed.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm just a magnet.

For the crazies. I generally talk to just about anyone.. but what a day. Long story short, car died - had errands in the city - and yes, I work in the city but I had to go "downtown" to connect some buses so I could get back to my car... and oh my.

I was informed by one gent that this is the US of A and also did I know about Area 71? I said no, did he mean area 41 and he said "NO, SEVENTY-ONE DAMMIT", then kept hollering at cars driving by to ask if they had a lighter to light the cigarette stub he had just picked out of the gutter. Okey dokey then... Then on the next bus I caught I had to sit with a young guy who had more piercings than should be allowed by law and bright hot pink hair..... and the lady in the seat in front of my on the bus with her wheelie suitcase who was telling the whole bus how her daughter was taken away "just because" she was homeless (and with what I'm sure was a fairly low IQ). Yeah, so I'm not really plannin' on going "downtown" in the near future. But it was Interesting! *grin*

But now car is fixed. I told the guy I just needed a battery, but of course, being a man (to be fair, we had chatted a bit, and he honestly was tryin' to truly help me out on the cheap, but still...) he had to run a whole series of tests before he could conclude that I was correct and replaced the battery. Total time spent waiting - 3 hours. And since it's connected to a super grocery store, I have enough food to last to the Apocalypse which is probably gonna be any day now. ::sigh::

Anyway.. just thought I'd check in. It's busy around these parts this past month and doesn't seem like there's time in the day for anything... and the waiting for all these different hearings and such, enough to drive a girl crazy if she isn't already ;)

And just think, only a few years ago, car trouble and all that would have totally freaked me out and now I just take in stride, do what I gotta do and move on. And I'm proud of me ;)

So no major news - other than I was too ashamed to face the Wii Fit lady the other day so I bought the Wii Zumba CD.... wow - just the tutorials was enough to do me in. ::laughing:: I had to sit on the couch and rest and watch the REAL workout ::laughing::

So there we are, all the news that's fit to print at this point in time. But stay tuned friends.. it's about to get VERY interesting.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Well, It's been a while.

And I am truly and completely wasted. And totally ok with that. Why not? I could get hit by a bus tomorrow. Ya never know. ALWAYS wear clean underwear.

But I had a wondrous day today and I haven't felt THIS happy in quite some time. In case you were wondering.

First week of March, all prayers of strength and prosperity appreciated.

I have learned that perseverance and heart and soul can move mountains. And apparently, it is.

PLUS I have a hoard of half price valentine candy thanks to a certain friend - if she chooses to name herself ::laughing::

And I am WAAAAYYYYYY blessed!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Twice in a week??

Honestly. The car wasn't stuck and the driveway was clear. It was gonna be a good morning... till the car wouldn't start. Dead battery. Long story short, Triple A was here and in minutes had it charged and were gone. I heart them guys *grin*

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


All I can say is having Triple A is worth every cent... and I got my money's worth today. Was MAJOR stuck half on the road and half in the driveway. Only thing I could think to do was call Triple A and see if it was covered by my policy - and it was! About an hour later they showed up - winched it and pulled it out. No papers to sign, no big deal 5 minutes and I was on the road. How cool is that? Very. Except the part where I had to drive all the way to work and pay $14 for one day of parking.... But anyway.

The drive has now been professionally plowed and shall remain so. This body just can not shovel that kind of snow anymore. Just not enough strength. So, there we go. And the service costs less than a new purse *grin*.

I'm in legal limbo land so not much to report there. Not so good at the taking lunch to work thing.. it's just not practical, but I keep trying.

I made some good nachos for superbowl. I swear, you just can NOT beat home raised beef. I used the last of what my dad had given me, but I already have my order in with the guy who's cattle it is and who does the processing... and he makes some awesome sage pork breakfast sausage. So I gotta work on emptyin' out the freezer for a refill but I'm in no hurry. Just lookin' forward to the "good stuff".

And I am blessed.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Pet Peeve.

Ok.. so I've needed B12 shots for years. Been goin' to a clinic which takes at LEAST an hour and a half out of the day and $30 copay. Sort of neglected it this past while and the lab results showed it. So the doc says he can order it so i can do it at HOME! WHY did no one tell me this YEARS ago? So he sends the script in to my mail order place, and they say they can't fill it as it's not in the insurance plan - yet the next day I receive 3 single vial bottles, and no syringes.

So the doc called in a script.. it took two tries but i picked it up today. WOW! the "cheaper" mail order place wanted $85 for 3 doses and no syringes... Went to the pharmacy today and got a multi use vial (probably last a year) and plenty of syringes. Total cost $12.95.

Now please tell, what is WRONG with this picture? I'm THRILLED. But still.. that just ain't right.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It's in the news. But also in my heart. I remember my first impression (well, the impression right after the one where the egyptian guy was hittin' on me while I was sittin' in the cab)... and in full light of truth.. I wish I could have.. mmmmmm.

But the next thing I noticed was how many same sex people were walkin' arm and arm and I was a little taken aback. I hadn't realized there was so much homosexual activity in this country.

But I was SO wrong. I was ashamed at my first thoughts. The Egyptian people walk arm in arm as a sign of friendship. Closeness. Love. Parents walk along with their hands on the heads of their children, and the children do not object. People are close, loving, and care for each other.

Generosity is a word I would equate with Egypt. I met many a people who felt it important to bestow me with a small gift. Or share a meal, or a tea, or a special fried treat and would NOT take any money in return. And several people.. summoning all their remembrance of the English they knew, saying to me "I Love You". Amen. My heart is with those people tonight. I made friends during the 10 days I was there.. and that's more than enough time to care.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday night, already?

Well yes indeedy.. I've been a busy girl. I had myself a pretty great day at the mall yesterday and scored some awesome good deals. I really need to go there more often. Like the shoes I was gonna buy anyway, I get to the counter and find out they were 40% off - SCORE!! And at another store, just for the askin' and talkin' nice - another lady gave me a great discount that I didn't know about. I also pigged out pretty big time in the food court and just sat there for a while and people watched.

Do YOU love the people watching as much as I do?? I could spend hours.. I swear... I have to get out more.

But I didn't stay too long - the place was like a zoo and beyond crowded, although it was totally awesome to have the luxury to take as long as I wanted and I try to notice the small luxuries of life like that these days. But I had to get out of that crowd and I already had all the "sales" my credit card could handle. So I spent the rest of the weekend "nesting" in the house. I've been working on this "nesting" thing for months now, just refreshing stuff, cleaning and sorting and tossing out. A coping mechanism, no doubt ::shrug::, it could be worse. Speaking of worse... I do have another one of those Human Rights hearings with my boss this week. Not much tension when we have to work together all day and then go separate to the hearing in the late afternoon. And not speak of it a word to each other.

Did I mention tense? I thought so. And I'm not even gonna mention those horrible 'see all the way around' mirrors in the fitting rooms... Suddenly, my Pilates machine takes on new meaning *grin*.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My work Evaluation

It would have made you laugh if you were me. I did and I still am. Seems I am a perfectly satisfactory employee with nary anything even close to a negative word said, let alone a suggestion for improvement or complaint. I take them to court and all of a sudden I've improved!!! I did have to mention to her though, how really SHODDY it was that the department never sent me even a "from all of us" condolence card when my dad died. The boss swore up and down she personally sent me one, and maybe she did, there was never a card on my desk when I got back to work and it never came here.

But It's ok, I know at this point they're just gliding along just like me waitin' to see how every thing shakes out. Early retirement might just be closer than I realize!!

Well, I'm turning into an icicle as I have braved the frozen tundra that is my home to run to the computer to tell ya so you wouldn't be in suspense *grin*. Now I have to jump back under the blanket and get warmed back up. I sure hope something good happens today. Amen.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Friday. How I love thee. Hmmm.... I don't have much else to say besides that, so I guess that's good enough. ::grin::

Well, except that through the Twitter universe I've met some pretty cool, interesting and smart people...

I am blessed and thankful beyond measure. Amen.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Well, so here we are at Wednesday

For this Wednesdays Child. Not so bad... all things considered. The legal stuff is startin' to get more intense and I'm makin' it my job to stay on top of stuff. I know people are baffled, and so am I, but somehow I've changed into a stronger, more independent, resilient and proud woman and I'm gonna just keep on doin' whatever I feel is the right thing to do. And goin' with gut feelings from now on. No analyzing anything ::laughing::

OH yeah, I have sins *coughQVC* but I mostly try to do right. And I DO have every intention of gettin' on that Pilates REAL soon....

Anyway. I just broke three, yes three fingernails bringin' groceries in just now. It's cuz I'm determined to get them ALLL at once no matter how heavy. It's an OCD thing or something ::shrug:: but I did it ::grin:: .

Oh, and PS and by the way???? What is with the Walmart check out people? I can't tell you how many times I've gotten home with the receipt and realized they never charged me for that giant box of alcohol and it happened again tonight!! Well my gosh, they loaded the rest of the stuff around it.. I just assumed. And if you'd go back and pay the $20 odd dollars, you ARE a better woman than me.. cuz I'm just a remorseful sinner who's drinkin' a very cold beverage right now. Amen.