Thursday, July 7, 2011


Is now officially my first day of retirement. I chose the number specifically just because I like it. 7/7/11 feels kind of lucky to me ::laughing::

Life is already strangely different but in the most wonderful way. I haven't had to take any Xanax in days which is a miracle enough for me... but not having a clock rule my day is just as awesome. Now I have time to do all the little things. I picked about 4 cups of raspberries from my backyard yesterday. It's too hot to make jam so I put them in the freezer for another day but it was neat to get so many from a berry bush I never knew was there. Of course I could gather more, but it's a scratchy business and I thought 4 cups for one batch of jam was enough. *grin*

And I think today I'm gonna take my new wheels out for a spin and try it out by going to get my first soft serve ice cream cone of the summer - so how's that for livin' large?

Simple pleasures. I am abundantly and overwhelmingly blessed.


E. Smith said...

I'm sure the cats are very happy that they'll get all this extra time with their favorite person! :)


I highly recomend Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Nova Scotia. There is a campground right on the ocean in the most beautiful place I have ever seen in a town of 3500 musical artists. It is just unlike any other place I have ever had the honor to camp. Left it just 3 days ago and am looking for a way to get back. Retirement is wonderful-congrats! Enjoy the world!