Thursday, June 23, 2011

What a difference a day makes!

Seems the Human Resource guy got the papers he needed today (he thought it was gonna take weeks) and when he called me at 4:22 this afternoon, he said that if I want to, I can be retired TOMORROW!!

I can't yet adjust to the fact that I'm gonna be retired - although I've told EVERYONE at work - which is why I think they're in a hurry to get me gone asap, but can't make me naner-naner. Tomorrow is too soon, and I have up to thirty more days to choose from. I'm meeting with him at 8am tomorrow (yeah, that's how fast they're rushing me). They've even already run the numbers for me on the financial side and I'm gonna be fine. But I've been thinking about it and I believe this time I'll go at the time of MY choice, not theirs. Besides, I need time just to soak up the goodness of knowing I WON!

Anyway... I picked up my new glasses (already!) and it is sooo good to see again ;D. Wow. Did I mention my head is spinning. This week just presented within its little self, a thousand new possibilities for me and I can't stop grinning.

Have I mentioned once or twice that I am BLESSED?

P.S. Can a girl EVER get tired of being told she looks way too young to retire? I think not and I heard it a lot today ::laughing::


Sara said...

No more than two weeks.

That's probably enough time to feel the satisfaction of winning, and not enough time for the office bullshit to get to you.

Plus, you can leave early anytime you need to for "appointments." What are they going to do? Fire you?

Anyone who has endured this much trauma can take the time to gloat a bit. And let them know how much you will enjoy Not. Coming. To. Work.

Mia said...

Oh Sara... I *heart* you ;D


Congratulations! I know you have had a long lonesome time of it. Do what you want but I think I would get the hell out of there as quickly as I could carry everything out.

Be well!