Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh this is a good one...

My cat stole my glasses!!!! My hand to God! I fell asleep on the couch last night, woke up and reached for my glasses and they were no where to be found. For two hours I searched and searched and searched. Threw couch cushions on the floor, felt around under tables and things (cuz I'm blind as a bat), still no glasses.

Ok, so what else could I do but call in sick to work, and yes, I DID say "my cat stole my glasses". Have mercy. So I had an OLD pair of computer glasses that worked good enough for me to see the road and I was at the opticians before they opened...good thing it wasn't far away and it turned out I was eligible for a new pair of regular and a pair of computer glasses (union benefit every two years). Bad thing is they won't be ready for a week.

Soooo... they took the frame from the old computer glasses I had on, put some "make do" lenses in and brought the cost down as much as they could for this extra pair. One teeeeensy little problem though. I wear bifocals and can't see a damn thing up close with these plain "make do" lenses on. As I type my nose is literally 6 inches from the computer. I wonder how that's gonna go for the rest of the week at work when I spend 8 solid hours punching numbers into a computer :::sigh:: I already know the migraines will be forthcoming.

And then I thought for SURE I'd get home and see my old glasses right away. Not so. I've looked for an hour now that I can see and I STILL can't find them. I highly suspect the little kitty since her toys are all over and under everything. She carries her favorites in her mouth... but come on, this place isn't that big! Where the HECK could they be???? But I can't worry about that now because there was also a note in the mail that I have a registered letter to be picked up at 3:00.... and highly unlikely it's gonna bring good news, whatever it might be.

First it was the dentist yesterday telling me the tooth he's working on that ALREADY has a root canal, now is gonna cost close to $1,000 to finish - yeah, NOW he tells me when it's only HALF done.. and now the glasses which even with my union plan, still had to drop another $300 today.

But ending on a good note, I did manage to stop at Taco Bell on the way home to score some lunch ;D . So that's my week so far, how YOU doin'? *grin*

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