Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The regal deer.

They were there again this morning. Standing in the sunlit field across the road exactly opposite my house. Yesterday I looked out and saw them, then next thing I know, there was the doe with her buck right behind her. I swear as God is my witness, they stood in the road exactly in front of me and they were looking at me. For several minutes she looked and I admired the both of them.

I think I could be a scientific experiment of my own with how much stress a person really CAN handle before their body implodes. But I know these signs are meant to make me strong... and Lord knows I'm tryin'. Whatever kind of stress I thought I had before isn't anything compared to what I have now.... but I just try to insulate myself with Xanax and wrap that 2 mg layer with the insulation of the Lord and his angels wings and hope for the best.

I DO enjoy my front windows though. Every morning I sit there and watch the sun come up and wait for my friends the deer.

And I am blessed.

6PM update...she was there again when I got home from work...waiting for me. I crossed the road and admired her for a while..then went in and I haven't seen her for the rest of the night. I can't wait till morning ;D

PS,I have FOUR cameras and every battery is dead. Note to self: CHARGE THE BATTERIES!!!

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