Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thunder on the mountain

Click on the pics to see them bigger. I don't know how to blog, apparently... but it was a fine and honorable day.


Yep. I just got back from the "holler". I wore pink and pearls and dirty bare feet and had a blast. Pun intended. Back to the West Virginia holler where my dad lived and died. He would have burst with pride. The first half of that day I spent playin' poker with all the men who used to play with my dad. I was honored they all came, and they were proud to honor dad by doin' it. Besides, they kinda like me too. ::laughing:: And that night we gathered up a younger crowd and a couple daring men. I brought the fireworks and they did the job.

Words cannot describe the awesome of that night. It was perfectly still with not a leaf moving. The air was cool and the people were happy. The ring of trees around the holler and that circle of pure dark, sparkly night sky made the perfect frame for those fireworks. I'd dare to say they they could be seen across the county, and I'll never forget that day as long as I live.

All I know is it was my first trip back to the mountain since my dad passed, and I was plannin' to say hello and let him know I was doin' ok.

I think he saw me.

And I am blessed.

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Mia said...

THIS is why I blog. To document my memories. They might not mean anything to anyone else.. but to look back now.. to me.. it is the world.