Friday, February 4, 2011

Pet Peeve.

Ok.. so I've needed B12 shots for years. Been goin' to a clinic which takes at LEAST an hour and a half out of the day and $30 copay. Sort of neglected it this past while and the lab results showed it. So the doc says he can order it so i can do it at HOME! WHY did no one tell me this YEARS ago? So he sends the script in to my mail order place, and they say they can't fill it as it's not in the insurance plan - yet the next day I receive 3 single vial bottles, and no syringes.

So the doc called in a script.. it took two tries but i picked it up today. WOW! the "cheaper" mail order place wanted $85 for 3 doses and no syringes... Went to the pharmacy today and got a multi use vial (probably last a year) and plenty of syringes. Total cost $12.95.

Now please tell, what is WRONG with this picture? I'm THRILLED. But still.. that just ain't right.

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Stacie said...

Well, I'm glad that it all worked out in your favor!