Tuesday, February 8, 2011


All I can say is having Triple A is worth every cent... and I got my money's worth today. Was MAJOR stuck half on the road and half in the driveway. Only thing I could think to do was call Triple A and see if it was covered by my policy - and it was! About an hour later they showed up - winched it and pulled it out. No papers to sign, no big deal 5 minutes and I was on the road. How cool is that? Very. Except the part where I had to drive all the way to work and pay $14 for one day of parking.... But anyway.

The drive has now been professionally plowed and shall remain so. This body just can not shovel that kind of snow anymore. Just not enough strength. So, there we go. And the service costs less than a new purse *grin*.

I'm in legal limbo land so not much to report there. Not so good at the taking lunch to work thing.. it's just not practical, but I keep trying.

I made some good nachos for superbowl. I swear, you just can NOT beat home raised beef. I used the last of what my dad had given me, but I already have my order in with the guy who's cattle it is and who does the processing... and he makes some awesome sage pork breakfast sausage. So I gotta work on emptyin' out the freezer for a refill but I'm in no hurry. Just lookin' forward to the "good stuff".

And I am blessed.


Eve said...

I agree, the cost of AAA is well worth it!

Sheepish Annie said...

My Dad gives me AAA for Christmas, has done it since I was 22 and got my first apartment far from home. Best gift ever!!!

I started buying some local meats last year when I was going to the Farmer's Market and you are so right. Ever so much better.