Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It's in the news. But also in my heart. I remember my first impression (well, the impression right after the one where the egyptian guy was hittin' on me while I was sittin' in the cab)... and in full light of truth.. I wish I could have.. mmmmmm.

But the next thing I noticed was how many same sex people were walkin' arm and arm and I was a little taken aback. I hadn't realized there was so much homosexual activity in this country.

But I was SO wrong. I was ashamed at my first thoughts. The Egyptian people walk arm in arm as a sign of friendship. Closeness. Love. Parents walk along with their hands on the heads of their children, and the children do not object. People are close, loving, and care for each other.

Generosity is a word I would equate with Egypt. I met many a people who felt it important to bestow me with a small gift. Or share a meal, or a tea, or a special fried treat and would NOT take any money in return. And several people.. summoning all their remembrance of the English they knew, saying to me "I Love You". Amen. My heart is with those people tonight. I made friends during the 10 days I was there.. and that's more than enough time to care.

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So sweet. When were you traveling so much? Do you still want to?
When you thought they were couples did it bother you?

Take care!