Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday night, already?

Well yes indeedy.. I've been a busy girl. I had myself a pretty great day at the mall yesterday and scored some awesome good deals. I really need to go there more often. Like the shoes I was gonna buy anyway, I get to the counter and find out they were 40% off - SCORE!! And at another store, just for the askin' and talkin' nice - another lady gave me a great discount that I didn't know about. I also pigged out pretty big time in the food court and just sat there for a while and people watched.

Do YOU love the people watching as much as I do?? I could spend hours.. I swear... I have to get out more.

But I didn't stay too long - the place was like a zoo and beyond crowded, although it was totally awesome to have the luxury to take as long as I wanted and I try to notice the small luxuries of life like that these days. But I had to get out of that crowd and I already had all the "sales" my credit card could handle. So I spent the rest of the weekend "nesting" in the house. I've been working on this "nesting" thing for months now, just refreshing stuff, cleaning and sorting and tossing out. A coping mechanism, no doubt ::shrug::, it could be worse. Speaking of worse... I do have another one of those Human Rights hearings with my boss this week. Not much tension when we have to work together all day and then go separate to the hearing in the late afternoon. And not speak of it a word to each other.

Did I mention tense? I thought so. And I'm not even gonna mention those horrible 'see all the way around' mirrors in the fitting rooms... Suddenly, my Pilates machine takes on new meaning *grin*.


Kath said...

I lived for over 10 years with a little dinky mirror I could only see half of me at a time. Now I'm in a place with HUGE MIRRORED CLOSET DOORS and those babies are unkind to my out of shape self and hold nothin' back. Very humbling. :/

Sheepish Annie said...

I am not a fan of mirrors. They never seem to agree with my perception of myself...

I was glad to hear that your evaluation went well and I'm thinking good thoughts for your HR meeting!