Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My work Evaluation

It would have made you laugh if you were me. I did and I still am. Seems I am a perfectly satisfactory employee with nary anything even close to a negative word said, let alone a suggestion for improvement or complaint. I take them to court and all of a sudden I've improved!!! I did have to mention to her though, how really SHODDY it was that the department never sent me even a "from all of us" condolence card when my dad died. The boss swore up and down she personally sent me one, and maybe she did, there was never a card on my desk when I got back to work and it never came here.

But It's ok, I know at this point they're just gliding along just like me waitin' to see how every thing shakes out. Early retirement might just be closer than I realize!!

Well, I'm turning into an icicle as I have braved the frozen tundra that is my home to run to the computer to tell ya so you wouldn't be in suspense *grin*. Now I have to jump back under the blanket and get warmed back up. I sure hope something good happens today. Amen.

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Sara said...

Well, that's good news, and probably the best to hope for: neutral, not nasty.

Best of luck, and here's wishing you an early retirement....