Saturday, February 26, 2011


The new kite catalog came in the mail and I was browsing and remembering. Just before my "bad surgery" in 2003, I was on a one woman crusade to have a kite flyin' family which is why I get the catalog. We had just gotten all sorts of line and new kites for each one of us... but I never got to fly mine. When I was recovering, the ex took pictures of "my" kite, a colorful parrot, that they had flown and taken a picture of just 'cuz they knew it would make my heart happy to see it in the sky... and it did.

Well, anyway.. I think I'm gonna try again. I still have some very awesome kites that are brand new and some have never been flown. I have all the gear so why not? Wind is free and it's just cool to watch a kite in the air.

And besides, next time I go down to West Virginia, my dads grave is on top of a mountain so high you think you can touch the sky - and I'm gonna fly a kite up there - just for him. Amen.

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