Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cosmic Shift, Karma, or a knock on the head from God?

I dunno.. but somethin' that's been rollin' around in my head and what I really wanna do - I just decided I will.

With all the fuss goin' on after dad died, and me bein' alone and having no one and nothing to account to- my long ago retirement plans have quite changed. And I'm excited.

As soon as I can retire - could be as soon as next week or as late as four years - but I'm gonna travel. And I don't mean frilly, lazy ass cruises either. I want to SEE things, TOUCH things, SMELL things and talk to the people and see what's goin' ON out there before I'm too old to do it.

Specifically, a one woman (and two cat) road trip cross country to see all the things God has put out there that I've always wanted to see. My main goal will be Yellowstone Park, but I've been lookin' with a lot of interest at those shows on TV that do specials where ya can mine for gems and such. I think that would be cool. And I always wanted to see the Grand Canyon too - other than from a plane. Mix that in with some research from Diners Driveins & dives and a solid membership in Triple A - what more could you ask for?

Am I crazy? I think not. Can I do it? With Garmin' and a little luck, I think so. Do I want to. Yes, now that dad isn't there to go "home" to anymore, I want this more than anything. Need to get in some kind of shape and it'd take a while to work it all out, but it sure would be a diversion while I "wait". And if I don't do it soon, when will I ever be stronger and more able?

There's a camper show comin' up soon and you can be sure I'm gonna be there. I CAN do this.

And I am blessed.


Stacie said...

Traveling sounds like an amazing idea!

Sara said...

You can do it! Be the envy of all the rest of us :).

You may find a whole new life out there....

Sheepish Annie said...

You are not crazy. That sounds heavenly!!!

Becky said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Doing it sooner rather than later is always better. You may want to check out, too.