Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm a wild one..

Ok. So here's my latest idea. I have a small place here, but I have a small living room where I watch tv and zone out - and then I have a "family room" with a fireplace that I never use and no family to use it anymore. That room has pretty much been the kitty play area - but I decided I'm gonna make it a big girl play area *grin*. I mean really.. what's the sense of having a whole room sit there unused just to look pretty??

So it's gonna be my new workout room! Yup. Uh huh it is. I have all kinds of exercise equipment tucked here and there and in closets and who knows where. And exercise DVDs you couldn't believe. This is in no way any kind of resolution cuz I just thought of it today - although I wouldn't mind losing about 15 pounds or so, but the real thing is this...

Since I've been 50 for like a month now - I feel old age startin' to creep in. Yes, it's true! It happens quick I tell ya! I feel like my body is curling and crumpling in ::laughing:: I think it's called "hunched over the computer all day and bein' stuck in the house all winter syndrome" - so I think some good stretchin' is in order. STAT. ::laughing::

I even have one of those things where you hang upside down by your feet... I know.. words don't describe me ;) But I'm prepared for most anything *grin*.

Ok, I'll go now. I have stuff to rearrange.

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