Monday, January 3, 2011


Yes. Here I am, remember me? It is Monday morning and me no likey. But then again.. I have a feelin' something good is gonna happen this week. I don't know what but it's in the air. Or maybe that's just cuz the snow finallly melted and I can see spots of grass. Maybe I think it's spring. Who knows. At least it's the other side of winter so we'll get there.

All is quiet on the work front - but that's probably gonna change in the next few weeks. I'm just gonna hold my head up and get on through it, whatever comes. Can't stop water from fallin' - know what I mean? But I gotta funny feelin' it's all gonna be ok.


Sara said...

It will be OK! Deep breath, head held high. New Year, new possibilities.

Stacie said...

Well hello stranger. I kid, I kid. I've been the stranger. No desire to blog lately.

I'm glad that you're doing well :)