Friday, January 7, 2011

I amuse me.

I swear, I do.... Anyway - we're moving right along on the room project. Except ya know how one project always leads to another or two before ya get back to the main part? Well, at least in my case that's how things go... but I'm excited. It's been years since I've been to a gym and I think it's good to help relieve stress. Just sayin'.

Next week is gonna be a stresser big time. But hopefully in a good way. I got a call out of the blue from the HR guy the other day who said my work is completely behind letting me retire early with disability retirement and they "are doing everything we can behind the scenes" to let it be so. Imagine that!!.

The kitties are gorgeous and doing great but driving me NUTS!!! Little bitty Gracie now loves to watch TV - with her nose touching it. So almost every show I watch is 52" screen with little bitty kitty silhouette in the corner ::sigh:: with a swipe every now and again at a head of an anchorperson. And I got them a new crackle kitty cage that they love -but did I mention CRACKLE?????

So there we are. Happy TGIF everybody. We are blessed.

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Stacie said...

Good for you for doing something you have always wanted to do!

I HOPE that the retirement situation pans out in your favor!!!

And, I had to laugh out loud at, "And I got them a new crackle kitty cage that they love -but did I mention CRACKLE?????"