Sunday, January 9, 2011

Maybe it's the moon...

But I feel GOOD! I feel better than I can remember and I have absolutely NO idea why.

But I'll take it. I worked myself to death this weekend and it feels good. I rearranged and threw out a lot of junk. Shoveled snow, sorted clothes, magazines and everything else in my path! And it feels good to move and DO something. And I'm thankful that I can. This is the year of getting healthy cuz that's the most precious thing a person can have. And fortunately, for some odd reason, my body has been craving exercise. Imagine that! But it seems that gettin' a good workout is helping the anxiety quite a lot. If I'm not takin' Xanax, my body can't stay still so I've decided that exercise can be as good of a vice as anything else... Just sayin'.

I really can't believe I just said that ::laughing:: but it's the truth. Anyway... I have really good feelings. I think part of it is that just a couple weeks ago, I finally hit my "official" anniversary date of 30 years of working. Thirty lonnnnnng years. After havin' about 16-17 years in with the system, it started getting really important to me to get to 30 although I have no idea why. I think it meant "freedom and security" to me, and Lord knows I've fought my way tooth and nail at times. Years back I even had to walk/hitchhike 2 miles each way to get there. But I did it. I'm still too young to "officially" retire, but it just feels good to know I've got that under my belt and that I did it... for no other reason than to prove to myself I could.

So now the goal is to get fit and healthy as I can be and enjoy the rest of the life that God is good enough to give me... be it one day or 50 years... I'm gonna enjoy it.

I am blessed.

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