Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh yeah baby!

I feel GOOD! The first shoveling episode was a challenge - but i look at it like, hey - it's good exercise and it is. And I feel good for it. So now I dare the snow... shall I go ahead and cave and buy a snowblower or can I hold the fort with this snow war?? ::laughing::

I opened one little prezzie today for a reward. I also got some great news in the mail. Well, possibly great. But i MIGHT be able to retire in January!! Think good thoughts for me ;)

And now.. I'm off to do some danger with that pressure cooker *grin* That's always an adventure.

And I am blessed.


Karen said...

You are such a cheater, opening presents before Christmas.

My advise is back away from the pressure cooker, nothing good can come of it. LOL

Have a good one. Sending good thoughts out to the universe for you. Hugs

Stacie said...

Thinking good thoughts and sending positive vibes your way -- I hope you get to retire in January!!!

I agree, step away, far away from the pressure cooker.

And yes, treat yourself to a snow blower.