Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hey now!

Sleepin' in feels good! I haven't done it in a long time and today I did. So I think this is the day for the festivus house cleaning - you know - so everything feels good and snuggly. And THEN I shall arrange the mass of boxes into a creative art-deco sort of "tree" shape. ::laughing:: I really didn't need to start Christmas shoppin' for myself in August.. but I did. I guess I'll manage *wink*.

I'm still workin' on just enjoyin' the little bits of good I find in everyday things. It mostly works and when it doesn't, I just try again the next day. I've been reading a lot too which is good - SO handy to have a book app on my iphone. And it is good.

The kitties still kinda love/hate. I just snuggled for a while on the couch with little miss Gracie. She is the daintiest little creature.. and so loving to me... and still tiny. She loves to be in small spaces an often enough I'll see a tiny bump under an afghan or feel a little paw on my knee - but she turns into that West Virginia wildcat when it comes to provoking her much bigger sister.. and she does it just to torment her so she'll chase and play! I can almost see her grinning when big ole Lizabella starts growling - which I have recently found often comes before the really LOUD hissing - I swear! I didn't know cats cold do that!

Anyway. Internal debate going on regarding the baking of cinnamon rolls. I want to.. but then I'd have to eat them all. Awwwwww, poor me *grin*

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Kath said...

There's a fairly large amount of feline aggro here too, enough that I have to keep them separated in two different halves of the apartment. My hope for the holiday season is to start working on improving their relationship. Might not be able to get Peace on Earth in 2011, but I'd settle for peace in my home.

And why is it always the smaller one that starts the fuss? Mine's got an ego writing checks she isn't going to be able to cash!