Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's insane.

This snow. And it's also insane I don't have a snowblower. I could easily afford one and I went to look at one twice in the past few weeks.... but they're just so complicated. I know I'd get out there and start fiddlin' with it and just give up and go ahead and start shovelin' anyway. I mean - honest to God - the lawnmower is still quite enough of a mechanical challenge for me. Why don't they make stuff like that for girls like me? Yeah, sure, it is says electric start, but what about all the oil and gas and choke and gears and stuff??? Huh??????

I'd guess to say I'm not mechanically inclined would be an understatement.

Although I have to tell ya about the other day.... a little boy knocked on my door. He was about in fourth grade or so and was heavin' a big garden shovel, and asked me if I'd like my driveway shoveled out. Took all his strength just to wade through what was to him, the waist high snow to my door. God bless his little heart. I gave him $5 and some candy and told him thanks but no, in the kindest way I could... and when he left I got started - I knew he would have killed himself tryin' to help and I just couldn't do that to the kid... but sure nice to know there are some real "men" around - even if they ARE only still in fourth grade *grin*

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Sheepish Annie said...

We have no snow. It was 55 degrees yesterday! It looks like we might see some flurries tomorrow, but that's about it. Seems weird to hear people talking about the white stuff!