Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'm SO tempted!

So here I sit sipping spiced hot apple cider (thank you Keurig), christmas tunes playing and not the jingly kind. I really like an acoustic guitar kind of mood. I've got the colored lights lit and it's definitely white outside. I'd have a fire, but the way to the firewood is blocked with too much snow for me to fight with since it hasn't stopped snowing all weekend. And it's cold. And I'm bored.

So that's where the temptation part comes from ::laughing:: I'm sittin' here all warm and cozy and festive and all - and just in the other room is my pile of presents from me to me - just waiting for Christmas morn.... ::laughing:: but I'm tryin' to be strong :)

Monday update: ok, so I opened one. :)


Kath said...

Bored? Well I suppose you could always...ummmm...knit? ;)

ducks and runs away quickly

Stacie said...

I envy your weekend boredom. Taking care of a 2.5 yr old, inside while it rains all day, with a million others things to do keeps this mama busy...and tired.

Sheepish Annie said...

Glad to hear that you opened one of them. I think that waiting is very much over-rated!