Friday, November 5, 2010

Well, Well

Here I am. Home. And I hate it. I HATE New York. I want my own little cozy place in those mountains and I intend to get there soon. What a horrible mess that was down there. Hateful, despicable and I'm ashamed on behalf of my dad. As the saying goes - I don't know which is worse - those that start the gossip or those that believe it and will not listen to the truth... But I could not fight one against many and I was overpowered by my own little sister and her posse of an aunt and uncle that my dad hated and verbally made known again and again during the last days of his life.... but I didn't know then what I do know now and had no way to get there soon enough to prevent things happening the way they did... and all I can say is God knows all and He made sure I cold be there when I was, instead of me bein' on a cruise in the middle of the ocean and not knowin' a thing about what has happened.

But for now.... the law down there is handling things - the Prosecutor seems sharp and interested - so there isn't much more I can do from here except pray for justice.

The kitties are pretty hateful right now... big old Lizabella was even hissing at ME and I gotta tell ya, I was a little scared! I gave her lots of extra lovin' when I got home and let baby kitty sleep in the car (I took baby back to the mountains w/me cuz I needed a friend). So now we have a love/hate thing goin' on... but it will all work out. They were both sent special at their own times to be a comfort to me and Lord knows do I ever need me some comforting right about now.

Anyway... just thought I'd check in and let ya know I'm pretty ok. My bloglines doesn't work now so it's gonna take me a week or two to get a chance to update and reset up a blog reader so if i don't comment for a little bit on something you write - I'm tryin' to get there! *grin*

P.S. Any extra prayers you have a minute for - I sure could use right about now. Thank you in advance.


Kath said...

Oh ignore my other comment, I understand better now.

If there was something shady or improper in your dad's passing then I'm glad the law is looking into it. And although it sounds horrible to have his body exhumed, if that's what it takes for justice to be done, good. Remember - that isn't him, just the shell he left behind.

I think big kitty is mad and jealous because baby kitty went with you and she didn't. So baby kitty also came home with strange new smells too! Once big kitty gets some quality loving and attention, and baby kitty's smell gets back to be the "home smell", she'll probably settle down.

Thinking of you and hoping for the best, always.

Kat said...

The cockroaches always come out and show their true nature. Just hold tight to the fact that your dad knew that about these people and wouldn't have any of it.

The good and decent people know what the truth is and believe every word of it. Those who spread lies and falsities - they can all go to hell.