Monday, October 4, 2010

There's a new kid in town..

"Hi there. My name is Gracie. I am a West Virginia wild cat born and raised for all of my six weeks of life up on a porch up in the mountains in the holler. And don't let my gentle daintiness fool you. I've survived getting eatin' by bears or a big dogs, chased by squirrels, slept under a porch and I've been cold and hungry. But at least there was some little kids around the porch where I grew up who liked to play with me which made me about the most laid back little kitty you can imagine. Although since I'm a WILD cat, I have to admit I was kind of annoyed that they apparently liked to call me Tinkerbell and I'm glad mommy changed that quick! I weighed 2.5 lbs at the doctors when mommy took me to the doc on Friday and it feels soooo much better to be rid of all those darn fleas!

See... mommy realllly wanted a different stray kitty. Smaller and dark grey. She wanted that one baaad and Mommy worked a whole week tryin' to get that other kitty - even crawlin' under the house herself and payin' a man to try his luck. See she spotted that "other" one early when she got to the house, sittin' on her dads porch back when he was bad sick and she thought THAT was the special one - but I knew she was comin' and I wanted to be the "special" kitty she was lookin' for so I made sure that kitty stayed hid so mommy couldn't find her again. Besides, even though she didn't know, I knew that other kitty wasn't yet old enough for her shots even IF mommy caught her and got her to the vet, and then mommy wouldn't have ended up with any kitty at ALL to go home with. So I made realllly sure those other little kitties stayed away until mommy could find me - and THEN I finally gave the all clear so those other kitties could come out and they were sittin' there on the porch when she walked back up the road not 5 minutes after havin' me in her arms. And the little grey one was out there every day since then in case mommy wanted to change her mind.

But it was too late! Mommy had seen my purty eyes and fell in love ::smile:: And mommy used her soulful, not to mention puffy and red, eyes to talk the only town vet into a stray kitty appointment late on a Friday afternoon so I could go back to New York with her... and it worked! Mommy has a way of gettin' people to do good stuff like that. *grin* Mommy really only wanted to get me tested for leukemia and some flea stuff, but the good doctor checked me all out, gave me a shot that hurted and I cried amazingly louder MEOWS than you'd think possible with my small size and the doc said that was pretty darn good for the runt of the litter.

Only thing is... now I have a problem with that other big white thing that lives in this house. We don't seem to see "eye to eye" quite yet. I might be a tiny blessing and cool to my mommy and haven't given her so much as the teensiest scratch cuz I really, REALLY love HER and slept on her lap most of that long drive home, but I'm a mountain kitty and there may have been some hissing involved when we got here and I admit I started it. I am a danger.

Fear me ::laughing:: "


Stacie said...

This is such a sweet story. I loved it. I loved how she made the other kittens hide so you had to pick her :)

Kath said...

What a cutie! My chubby tuxedo is my "wild child" and since I couldn't leave her behind when I moved she came with me and is converting to being an indoor cat. Sadly, the other one dislikes her so they have to be kept separate for now. But all I can say is take the introductions very very slowly, don't rush it.

Sheepish Annie said...

How wonderful!!! First the good news about your Dad and then to find the purr-fect friend waiting for's just too awesome! Gracie is the right name for her. Grace is something that shows up when you need it most, I think. :)


There is something so restorative about a baby anything- so fresh and new and loving and needy. I think the greatest way to heal is to hold on to and love a baby kitty or puppy. Very happy about your dad. Due in no small part to you fighting for him too. It matters-you know that. When you feel there is no hope and someone throws you a loving rope it makes you heal. You know, that's how you knew how to give that rope to your Dad. Way to go you. Maybe your world is shifting.
Here's hoping.
Be well.

Karen said...

She is soooo cute. I had a white cat with the same eyes when I grew up. When she would get naughty her blue eye would turn red and then watch out. Every litter of kittens she had were all white, except every once in a while one would have a small black spot on the top of it's head.

So glad you had company for the ride back. Hope your dad continues to improve.

Have a good one, hugs.