Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Aw heck.

Dad's still doin' better every day and that's better than good. But my nerves are on edge like never before. I feel "brittle". I'm sure it's from comin' back to this whole work thing after all I've been thru, but I've been havin' some dreams. Very bad dreams. Even though my heart is beatin' hard from the knowing... I don't usually remember them unless once in a while I get a flash during the day. I just remembered last nights had something to do with a big brown and black snake crawling in dark woods on bits of dark dirt and moss with bits of sun flashing down through the dark green leaves.

I know and understand exactly what and who(m) that dream was about but that sure doesn't make my sleep any more restful... just sayin'.

And little baby Gracie is doin' fine. The introductions are slow, but proceeding. The picture I posted doesn't do her justice - she is the most gentle, cute, loveable, purring, inquisitive little critter - and so freakin' TINY~! She comes running every time she sees me. I don't know a thing about cats, but she's thin and long legged and only just over 2.5 pounds so I doubt she's gonna get very big, but I don't know what age they stop growin'. Anyway.. she's the most comical little kitty I've ever seen and she does indeed have the attitude of a mountain lion when she's dragging her toys around :) and right now, that's makin' my heart a little happier. I'll take some pics when I get the energy and then you'll be beggin' me to stop. :p

I am blessed.

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