Saturday, October 9, 2010

I need ear plugs

Very tiny but LOUD kitty is begging to be released from her half of the house. But I was tirrred. There is no more hissing or growling... but there IS much nose touching and taking turns chasing each other back and forth through the house. Extremely amusing, but tiring. Baby had to go take a nap ;)

I took a couple naps myself this morning. I'm wore out. Too much to go into, but war has broken out between my sister (I know... you never heard of her... I don't hear much either) - (she's a year younger than me but has recently become a nurse and she now knows everything), who ran down to make sure SHE was medical proxy (after I had been sleeping in the ICU for a week to be next to him) and my dad - who now knows what that means, - is fighting right back. And then there's the bitch aunt sister-in-law that is buddies with my sis and can't keep her nose in her own business. ::sigh::. The nursing home he was in sucks - they take horrid care of the patients which I knew from day one. Sister (who hasn't spoke to me since she gained proxy) wants dad back in hospital, dad wants to go home.


So I just stand back and pray.


Stacie said...

Oh how I love first, lol. They become so evil, so quickly. I'm waiting for mine to grow out of his evilness. He just turned a year old in September. He chases me, and not in a nice way.

Family drama - some of the worst.

You'll get through this.

Are you going to have your father moved? Or, is that up to the medical guru that is your sister?

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh, man...that is the worst. I hate it when people get so caught up in the drama that they forget it's a real person who is in the center of it. I hope things settle down soon for your Dad and that people finally get around to noticing it was you who was there for him that week.