Sunday, October 10, 2010

And then the sun comes up and it's a new day.

And dad's still in the nursing home and still doin' ok. The kitties are havin' one heck of a time chasin' each other back and forth and that tiny little Gracie, I swear, she is every bit a mountain lion kitty but in a gentle, ladylike way and she does most of the chasin'. I'd take pictures but basically she's a blurr... but she'll stop in a second to let me reach down and pick her up and start purrrrrrrin'. It's pretty neat seein' two "white" kitties around here and they are LOTS of fun to watch. Too cool.

So today I must try to enjoy since I'm being forced to work the holiday tomorrow.... I think it's a good day to make food. I keep thinkin' about biscuits but then I lean towards another pressure cooker experiment. We shall see. For now, the fun and excitement of litter box cleaning awaits. Stay tuned.

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