Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday morning coffee

It's the best. I got a lot of housework done yesterday and gonna finish today. Why is it that just when I finish putting fall clothes away it's always time to get them back out again? I dunno.. but my cleaning phase is apparently some kind of fall nesting syndrome, and it sure feels good when your house is clean and cozy. I guess I'll have to call down to dads in a little while. I didn't call yesterday. I couldn't cuz my heart couldn't and he can't speak on the phone anyway. When I left West Virginia 2 weeks ago he was still in the nursing home but I had heard him say with a strong voice and sparkle in his eye "I'm takin' back my life". He was eatin' the best part of three meals a day and starting to walk a little bit. But now, after all the ruckus... he finally made it back home to the mountain by being noncompliant, and as of Friday, he's not been eating or making much sense... And somehow my vacation zoomed ahead and is almost here. I have absolutely no desire to go whatsoever but I can't cancel or I lose all my money... and I know what my dad would say "go ahead, do whatever ya want, just enjoy yourself" as he's said so many times before. And he wouldn't want me to waste my money. And so I will go, come what may, and maybe when I call down there in a little while he'll be havin' a better day...

But for now, I think just one more cup of coffee and a word with God while I watch the sun come up is just what I need. Amen.

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Becky said...

Where ya going on your vacation?
I'm sure it's hard to go right now, but you NEED to go. Between the stress of your job and the stress of your family situation, you NEED to do this for you, and you know your Dad would want you to take care of you because, as the good Lord knows, our big, strong daddies surely don't need our help. *eyeroll* So...go and allow yourself to have fun and, hopefully, relax so you come back refreshed and as ready as you can be to face the big, bad world again. *HUGS*