Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The Funny Fungus Face annoyed me. I had to take it away and I'll show ya again when its all grown up.

How to say where my head is at right now? 3 mg Xanax just to get through work. Supersister finally called to say Dad is asking to see his kids all once more before he dies, although there is no way to know if that will be hours, day or weeks. I talked to him on the phone for a minute today long enough to say "I love you"... Such hard things to think on with no one to discuss it with, 'cept for you all.

The kitties.. well.. it's love and hate. Seems baby Gracie has taken the alpha role, and also LUVS her some catnip, but just doesn't realize how much smaller she is than big kitty, attacks her frequently, then rolls over willingly to expose her little belly. I can't leave the two of them alone when I'm not there - I fear major bodily injury to one or the other. They've been keeping me VERY busy.

But other than that... everything's just fine. It really is. If I can just figure out to wrap my head around all this while still waiting for something in the mail every day about work or possible retirement.

Again, yes again, I'm asking for a prayer if ya got a minute. It's all I have left... I need some Strength, wisdom, courage and the grace to know what needs to be said and when. Amen.

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