Sunday, September 12, 2010


I have become enchanted with Twitter.

At the Walmarts check out counter yesterday when I was feeling an overwhelming urge to account for my purchase of 12 boxes of cracker jacks...

Cashier: "Awww, now I messed up". CAN you mess up scanning a box of cracker jacks? Apparently scanning and conversation don't go well together. Just sayin'.

Talkin' to my dad and commenting how perhaps over 60 years of smokin' non filtered cigarettes might have somethin' to do with the present and not-so-good situation with his lungs..

Him (in absolute seriousness): "Aww, hell, that ain't got nothin' to do with it."

Me: "ok dad".


Stacie said...

You have a daycare, right? (nudge, wink) That's the reason for buying 12 boxes of cracker jacks ;)

Karen said...

You should have come to my house this weeken, the kitchen alone would have kept you busy. It may take me a month to take care of the laundry. I need help, am willing to pay with cracker jacks.

Have a good one, hugs :)

I wish Mr. Anonymous would leave and not come back. Don't ruin Mia's blog for all of us.