Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pushing thru... and sayin' bye bye.

Bye-bye to these nails. I'm determined to get thru this weekend without drink or drug... so I had to find somethin' to do. While i was cleanin' the car trunk (and why, may I ask, was I even doin' that when I still have a cough that comes from my toes and is wearin' my ass out, I have no idea)... but anyway. I also found a bag of dulcimer books that I've been tryin' to find for years *grin*. But ya can't play a dulcimer much with these kind of nails. They're outta control and always have been. They just growwwww no matter how much yard work or house cleanin' I do - so I went and chopped them off and now I'm gonna try tunin' my dulcimer. In between coughs. Just keeping you informed :)

A little past midnight update: So much for doin' anything else except my nails. After consulting with doctor internet and I do believe I have pneumonia. In which case it seems there are two causes and two cures. If it's one kind you just have to ride it out for 6-8 weeks... if it's the other kind, antibiotics are called for. I'm callin' the doc in the morning even if it is Sunday... cuz it's really hurtin' to cough. Just sayin'. Now if only I could get a little sleep. ::sigh::


Sara said...

Ack! Take care of yourself, pneumonia is nothing to ignore.

Karen said...

You have beautiful hands


Hope you're feeling better. Hope you've got your dulcimer tuned. Time to skype for that grandbaby some dulcimer lullabies.