Sunday, August 22, 2010

Called the doctor and the doctor said...

... take these pills and go to bed. Pretty much what I did and hangin' out and resting while they kick in. So I've been blog surfin' and realized while I haven't done any canning this year, several other blogger friends have been busy. Some even gettin' so brave as to do some pressure cooker canning *grin*. So, I was just readin' Going Country and they're talkin' about reusable canning lids and what a great idea! Who knew??

I read in a survival manual once that canning lids are a necessary supply if you're into homesteading, survival training and such. And really... if you were gonna learn to put up food in jars so you could survive a rough patch, of course you'd have a stock of canning jars on hand, but who in their right mind would be prepared with a case of fresh canning lids? (shut up, I only have six boxes for just in case).

The only thing is.. when I looked up those reusable lids... they are white plastic and I had a memory of my mother tryin' to make sloppy, messy, strawberry jam and melting canning wax over the top of the jars. Us kids would try to jam a knife through the half inch thick wax and all the bits and pieces of wax would be in the jam... Ewwww... I know. But if I can get past that little memory... I think I'll get some for next year :)

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Sheepish Annie said...

I dunno about those reusable lids. I just got to the point where I trust the food I've canned. I think I might stick with the metal one-use version for now.

And, yeah. I have about five boxes of just the lids. The rings I can reuse so I don't buy those anymore. Mostly... ;)

Feel better soon!