Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hello duckies...

I mean come on, can you look at little duckie feet swimming along in the sparkly, cool water and not grin? I can't.

And them there, my friends, is a whole lotta flowers and bees. Not too sure what good the pink tape is.. but I guess it's supposed to signal danger... but if you get all the way up to the pink tape, unless you're a beekeeper in full gear... you're already in trouble. Just sayin'.

Anyway... just tryin' to find some moments of zen between the madness. It was seriously time to take the stress down a notch or two so I've read a lot this weekend for distraction (I love that iphone reader app). One really good book and recommended by a good blogging friend is Every Last One: A Novel (it was great - thanks Jane!), and the one I'm reading now Water for Elephants (very good and interesting to me since my dad once worked for the Barnum and Bailey circus. He was young and strong and needed work and there wasn't much to be found in the WV mountains and him bein' one of 10 kids, he pretty much had to move on. So he lied about his age, went to the circus and talked to a guy (who my dad will now say really knew dads real age which was about 15 at the time, and dad just laughs and shakes his head when he tells the story cuz he really thought he was pullin' a fast one at the time *grin*), and the guy hired him to take care of the elephants. So that's what my mountain man dad did for his first real job! In case you were wondering *grin*).

So there we are. When I have courage I'm gonna take a picture of all the piles of paperwork I have spread out on the floor, trying to sort through this stuff and get ready for this next few months of legal (not) fun. The thing is... my velcro kitty is addicted to biting up the edges of any and all papers the same way other kitties like catnip - but I was so tired and a long way from finished so I finally had to just spread a giant sheet over all the papers and try to finish it tomorrow... but in the betweens... I've been looking for ways to just enjoy the little bits and rest. And I am.

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Glad you liked the book. Next you should read "The Girl who..." trilogy. You'll love them.

How is your Dad?