Thursday, August 5, 2010

When is the last time you took a nap on the floor?

It's been a while for me, but today for some reason and among my many naps, I had an urge to sleep on the floor with the fan blowing right in my face. And I did. I think my velcro kitty was seriously concerned, but it reminded me of bein' a kid - we used to sleep on a lot of floors back in the day, and it sort of felt good to my back.

Anyway. Now what? My eyes are still bleary but I'm tired of sleeping. I'm starving but yet too tired to make any food. Yes, we all know I have many "issues" ::laughing:: And ohhhhh, how much I'd pay for a good old fashioned neck and shoulder massage right about now. And maybe a hug too.

I have no bread or milk or anything like that in the house, so I'm actually considering a late night food run (the kind where I can wear a baseball hat and no one has to see me ::laughing::) but I can't decide what I'd want even if I went. And do I really feel like driving for 20 minutes in the dark just to get food? Maybe i'll just go back to bed after all and wait till morning for food. I swear, there should just be a call in service that will deliver french toast to you in bed when you're not feelin' so swell. That's one of the perks I sure do miss about bein' married. Well, that and the back rubs... Isn't it just fascinating that I feel the need to blab every single thing in my head on this blog? yeah. fascinating. *grin*


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Sending out a big hug to you. I remember sleeping on mattresses on our Mom and Dad's bedroom floor; back in the day when we only had one fan for 6 kids and 2 adults then. Sister P had not been born yet. I'd never turn down a night time food run. I LOVE being out at night! xxoo


So I've always wondered who the folks that run out and buy bread, milk & eggs when it's time to hunker down. And now I know one.