Sunday, July 25, 2010

That oooky feelin'.

I've had it all morning... in the pit of my stomach like somethin' bad is gonna happen. Tryin' to not think about it. I put new stuff on the bed yesterday and fluffed it up. (And may I say... if ya have the need for new bed stuff, I highly recommend anything from Northern Nights on QVC, especially if ya get it on clearance. Very good prices and excellent quality). Except for the blue tassely one cuz I brought that pillow sham back from Egypt. Anyway.. where was I?

oh, and by the way, I was standin' in line behind two white haired ladies at the grocery checkout the other day. They were chatting about how expensive summers always were what with all the family and grands and such. I was so jealous I wanted to slap them. forgive me Lord, Amen.

I wonder if I'm PMSn? Nah, don't think so. Hmmm. All I do know is I went to sleep last night with the sheets like that and woke up this morning as twisted and wrapped up as a burrito in prison. With an ooky feelin'.

I think I'm gonna go eat some chocolate and say a prayer :)

(PS, the only reason I happen to have that pic is cuz i have the free program Project 365 on my iphone - supposed to take any picture of anything as long as you take one a day. Kinda fun even if the quality is never great.. and you should see the pics for the rest of the year *grin*)

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