Monday, July 26, 2010

Good mornin'

Apparently the oooky feelin' was just gas ::laughing::. I dunno. But I do know i already feel better from the change of meds. We'll see how the day goes when I take the next new one in a few minutes but by then I probably won't care :)

I'm drippin' in pearls this morning. White pedal pushers, light blue checked tunic top, a smidge of silver and ropes of pearls. It'my confidence armor to "sparkle" when I go in there to my cell.. just to make 'em wonder when my eyes are glazed over and I'm zonked out on the desk from the mass quantities of xanax ::laughing::

YEah, yeah, yuk it up girl. Act like you have HOURS to go before you'll be there, THEN we'll see who's laughing... and they never notice or comment on your jewelry anyway.

Anyway.... yeah. But bein' sparkly makes me feel better. So there.

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Kath said...

Hey, wearing an outfit that makes you feel good is always smart! Whatever you can do to give yourself a lift or make it easier to get through the day - go for it! (Assuming it's not illegal or somethin' like that - yanno?)