Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Had to. That last post depressed me and I got enough on my mind. The second Human Rights complaint gets officially filed tomorrow. I called the doc today about gettin' on some different meds. Things are pretty uh... tense at work right now and the xanax just doesn't do it anymore.... and trust me... I've been poppin' so many I might as well carry 'em around in a pez dispenser and they do about that much good lately. So for a few months, to survive, I'm gonna do what I have to do... but I'm scared to death as it seems the most often recommended medication for me is Klonopin..... I REALLY. SERIOUSLY. DO. NOT. WANT. TO. DO. THIS.

But you can not imagine the absolute dread I have over this interview tomorrow. Again. "Hate" already sits three feet away from me all day long... and now this.... she's gonna love me even better! But at least the union legals said they'd go with me when the face to face mediation starts in September. Downtown. Oh yay. I can hardly wait. But I WILL do what I think is right and I'm not gonna stop. Whatever happens, happens.

So anyway... just blogging and blathering away here so I won't have to think about tomorrow till it gets here ::laughing:: This is MY version of twitter :)

Update: And if ya got a second to spare and could send a prayer my way... I sure would appreciate it - in advance. Amen. And thank you.


Stacie said...

I wish I could give you a hug and tell you it's all going to be okay. Unfortunately, all I can do is give you an electronic hug since you're across the United States from me.

Good luck tomorrow.

((((((((( HUGS )))))))))))

Gigi said...

Good Luck...sending positive energy, prayers and cyber hugs