Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh yes... I went... and it WAS priceless :)

The lunch was blah, but first thing on walking in, the big wig most responsible for all the crap that has happened to me (as well as me losing my best friend since my friend is her secretary and forbidden to associate with me during all this), she didn't want to, I could tell, but she she was a "greeter" (to show us how humble they are) and had to smile and hand me a pen (a/k/a gift in their world). As we were eating lunch the President came to our table and shook hands all around ( having no idea who I was). Then for people over 20 years service (including me) got to go onstage, have their name called, receive a pin then pose for a pic with the President of the place. (And I certainly am stumped how that white haired man consistently has a George Hamilton type tan year round. Just sayin...

But let me tell you... i was feelin SASSY! I got all decorated up with a bunch of silver jewelry and a cute outfit (got 3 compliments from strangers before 9am which NEVER happens) hehehehe. But of course, my boss didn't say a word. I swear. Anyway, the pics they take of us one on one with the pres are supposed to be our precious mementos of how well they treat and respect each and every one of us... Oh PUHLEESE. I'll get it in the mail eventually. I guess we're supposed to treasure it.

And my boss was kind of peeved that I took the shuttle on my own (on PURPOSE, duh) cuz no way did I want to go with the group of them... so I got there and met some new people and quickly filled up the table... and by the time my boss and her minions entered (the boss of the depts. always go to show moral support, don't ya know) anyway... they didn't see me and sat at another table... but I had to pass right by them to go up and get my award. So when I came back down from the stage, since she was sitting with HER boss, she had to wave me over so she could ooh and ahh over my stupid pin. It was pitiful. For her. hahahha but I was grinnin' inside the whole time.

They only do this for every 5 year increment, so I imagine that will be my last.. and so yes, my "sassy" pic with the pres with that foolish grin on my face at what I was REALLY thinkin.. well it might turn out to be priceless ::laughing::

In the meantime with the legal doins' ... I just wait to hear if my answer was worthy of further investigation... so hoping to hear something by next week. PLEASE cross your fingers or say a prayer if you have a mind to do either... and I'll be appreciatin' it in advance :)

In the meantime... the 40 hotdogs I ordered were on my doorstep when I got home ::laughing:: Guess I might as go eat one... AFTER happy hour, that is :)


Stacie said...

Good for you for going. The whole picture with the president sounds like a joke. Are you going to frame your awesome keepsake photo?! haha

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed about the answer to your investigation.

And, 40 hotdogs?!?

Kath said...

I really want to see that pic when you get it!

Are you going to grill the dogs? Because I've always thought they taste better that way!

Karen said...

Good for you, you are my hero. I wish I could have been there to see their faces and just how uncomfortable they all were/ You just know they never imagined you would show up. Way to show them just how strong you really are and exactly who the are dealing with. I am still giggling, thanks.

Have a good day and a great weekend. Hugs.