Thursday, June 3, 2010


I have definitely seen it all now. Was just watching the morning news and saw what they call the new "fad" with teenagers trying to get drunk. They apparently poor vodka in their eye thinking they'll get drunker faster. Yes, they actually hold their eye up to a vodka bottle and tip it upside down for a vodka eye wash. What the HELL is WRONG with the world these days? They had the medical experts on and all telling how it actually does open up the cornea cells, cut doesn't absorb the alcohol very fast.. so WTF? These kids are risking blindness for a Friday night kick that doesn't even work???

::shaking my head::

And I thought i was a wild one at that age..... and I may have had some close calls... but none involved risking voluntary blindness. Just sayin'.

Ok. Enough of that. Guess what I get to do today? Every year our work holds a lunch thingy for employees on their 5 year "anniversary". I've never been before.. cuz it's kind of stupid and pretty much a joke, but I think it might just be toooooo delicious to have my pic taken with the heads of the hospital and be given my award for my 20 years of service in their um... uh... "institution" considerin' what's been going on. PLUS some dry chicken for lunch? Yep. Ought to be interesting and at least gets me out of work for a couple hours. hahahha... the head honchos have been trying SO hard lately but I know they're worried about this whole lawsuit business.. and ME and they really seem to thoroughly dislike running into me in the halls and such.Hahahahahhahhahahahah. How do ya like me NOW???? *grin*


Karen said...

Go, oh please go. If not for your our satisfaction, do it for me please. The idea of you making them hand you your 20 year award and the glorious pictures just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Plllllleeeeeaaaasssse.


Kat said...

I'm with Karen - go! You'll get the satisfaction of them having to smile & congradulate you. Meanwhile you can be going "Pfffff" :P in your head. Those pictures would be priceless!!

The vodka thing remeind me of a story I heard about young girls soaking tampons in vodka & then inserting them to get a buzz without getting busted for 'drinking'. Crazy!!

Kath said...

Okay the eyeballing thing? Ewwwwwww!!!!!!! Just thinking about it made me squeeze my eyes shut for several minutes.

As for the luncheon - GO! YES, GO! I would just love to be a fly on the wall and see them posing for the photo with you - that would be the greatest! What do they do with the photo anyway? Company newsletter?

But - from the standpoint of what's going on (past, present, and future) the very public acknowledgement of your 20 years of service to that employer and your attendance at the lunch just makes you look even better. They may be trying to use it for "spin" but it actually shows you in the best possible light.