Sunday, June 27, 2010

Look who just walked through my front yard

A beautiful doe. When I first saw her she was just about 6 feet in front of my (very blurry screen) and window - I can't believe I had time to go grab the camera and put the memory card in before she wandered to the field! It's startin' to feel like a zoo around here. But in a good kinda way :)


Kath said...

I haven't seen a deer down near my place since last year. Which is good, 'cause it means they are finding food up in the hills or away from town where they should!


I am so jealous. Maybe it's my dogs that scare away the wildlife (wouldn't trade them for anything). Could also be all the housing developments moving it. Who is buying (or I guess was)all these houses anyway? Still have a farm in the back yard so there's hope for more wild stuff then just the snakes in the yard.
Be well.