Monday, June 7, 2010

It's gone...

My one and only tomato plant has been eaten. It was there yesterday and it's been fine for weeks. I just saw it there yesterday and remember thinking what a marvel that all the critters left that alone (even tho they've eaten the tops off all the daylilies I just planted, did I complain???). No. But my only tomato plant? That's just wrong. That was the highlight of my summer healthy eating plan *grin*. Guess I'll have to plan something else :)

OH and P.S. I have never known this before - and lived here 24 years.. but there might be an explanation for the overabundance of wildlife lately.. I mean really.. it's gettin' sorta odd. But it seems that the guy that owns the big field that borders the back of my yard - he's apparently gone to whatever level it takes to declare all that land a true protected wildlife sanctuary. How did I not know this? And it's weird cuz i've looked out back there and you can see a beautiful, soft looking, well worn animal path going through the woods. That's why I was burning all the brush a few weeks ago, clearing it all out on my side of the woods so I could put a bench or something down there and just sit and watch for the animals walking through. Now I definitely have to get that done - never know what I might see. And I promise to always have my camera. Amen.

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Stacie said...

Wow, how cool is that?!

When you see these animals passing through, have you noticed that they're heading towards that field near your house?