Monday, June 7, 2010

Love the home store

Got some Critter Bgone something or other. It was pricy so i hope it works. Supposed to sprinkle it around the areas you want the critters away from (as in your ONLY little and lovely tomato plant) and it won't like the scent, so will stay away. That's the theory. Until then, I store my extra bird seed in my car.

On the way home I stopped at the local gas/shop and got some beer and a small ice cream cone. The cashier remarked on my choice of combo. Hey, one was lunch and the other dinner. Do not judge.

Seriously tho, workin' on gettin rid of the beer belly (eventually) with the Wii - except for the fact that I bought new curtains and ran out of curses trying to hang them up when the brackets/screws kept on falling off a thousand times. As of this minute, the whole world will officially be able to seen in my windows at night. I sure hope I don't do anything indecent ::laughing::

Ok, so I also got a BIG bottle of Aleve, oh the sciatic/hip pain - kept me up all night and spent the better part of the day in bed layin' on a heatpack and keepin' my back straight. I must be gettin' old, but I'm still cute cuz of QVC :) and I will CURE this thing one way or another (except for surgery. That is NOT an option which is why I'm scared to go to the doc).

But hey, I have motivation now - I need a cruise body ::laughing:: so i dragged out the Wii and got the Sports Resort game and have every intention of wearin' it out - except maybe not so much tonight with no curtains and all.. just sayin. :)

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Kath said...

Too bad I'm thousands of miles away because when it comes to hanging "window treatments" I have skills!

Oh and since you already have an idea how tiny my town is? Once I went through the checkstand at our little grocery store with three items: a bottle of red wine, a box of chocolate-covered devil's food donuts, and a box of super sized feminine hygiene products. The female checker looked at my groceries, looked up at me, and said, "I feel ya girlfriend, I feel ya."