Friday, June 11, 2010

A freakin' groundhog family reunion..

Please send help. And hurry before they multiply again!

That daddy is a big 'un. And kinda scary lookin'. He could probably feed a family for a week.. just sayin'. And where he's sitting is approximately 3 feet away from what was my new flower garden. So it's game on now. The Critter Begone stuff is getting sprinkled today. Yeah.. they look really, really worried. ::sigh::

10 minutes later.. Nope, not scared a bit. But they just scared me to DEATH. I knew there was a burrow under my shed which is why i wanted to get this stuff to keep them out of there, although I half hoped that they'd abandoned that hole... and I sure didn't expect the sucker to be IN the burrow when I sprinkled. My heart about stopped when I went around the corner of the shed, heard a loud noise and turned just quick enough to see one of them poke their nose up out of the hole (the hole is between the shed wall and a big pile of stacked wood). I sprinkled away, but I think it's useless. I'm really startin' to get worried cuz they're eatin holes through everything, but have no idea what to do? Anyone know any wildlife type people out there to ask??


Kath said...

Just curious - what do you suppose would happen if someone were to point a water hose at Big Daddy Groundhog and his crew? (Yes, I'm evil. But in a good way.)

Anonymous said...

Give it up - no one wins against Groundhogs. We tried everything known to man and finally just gave up after about 5 or 6 years. Sorry, but that's the truth as I know it :-(

Kimberley said...

Holy heck they are like gophers on steroids! Phew, I am sure glad we don't have groundhogs around here!

Karen said...

Try calling your local Game and Parks or go to their website, they may have some ideas for you.