Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh, a funny story.

If i can remember it. It was a hellish day, I can't even tell you, and on many different levels.

So I'm ridin' the bus home. And, not to be rude, but I'm sure you've all seen the girls who have the "muffin tops". Or in this case, multiple muffin tops. And a crop shirt that apparently was her daughters. I LOVE the bus trips to and from work just so I can see this stuff... honestly... SO interesting.

Anyway, the very second I lay eyes on her, the guy in the seat behind me is sayin' to me all kinds of funny, quick remarks like "oh my, there's a lovely lady who seems to have gotten caught in the rain as her shirt seems to have shrunk" and "I'm SURE those jeans fit me when I left the house this morning". But oh,, TOOO freakin' funny :) Probably had to be there.. but i almost choked i laughed so hard. And um... I did notice when he got on the bus how tallll he is. But probably gay. You know how it goes. But then again.... ya never DO know.

In the meantime. One more day... i don't even have words to say what happened today. Only one. Stupid. And to my boss I finally held up my hands - the boss who refuses to give me any responses to anything in actual WRITING and I finally said "ya know what? And in not so many words, I reminded her shit runs down hill. And she's at the bottom." So be careful what you're signing your name to. Yes, I'm blunt - but honest. And it's not gonna be pretty and at this point I'm not sayin' another word and leavin' it up to the professionals". And then she was quiet. Amen.

But oh.. it is SO hard to go in there every day with her sitting literally almost within an arms reach. And knowing note of EVERYTHING I DO is bein' made. Just sayin'. Wears a girl out.

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