Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So today..

Got the respondents (my work) answer to the complaint (discrimination against a disability) in the mail today. And hey, they had two weeks to spare. But it's such nonsense even I can't make sense of it or what their actual defense is... Calling the lawyers tomorrow so they can explain.. but besides being out of my mind... I'm just so insulted by their answer... I just have no words. That's been happenin' a lot lately.

I know that's the way it goes.. but still.


Kath said...

Well being complete a**holes is sorta their style, so at this point, you can't be surprised by anything they say and don't take any of it on yourself. They've been messing with you for so long - why would they stop now? Let the lawyers figure it out and please don't let it stress you out.

Karen said...

Hang in there. Don't let their answer insult you, they will try and say anything to cover their own asses. In the end the truth will come out.

Hope you can have a good one. Sending you good thoughts and hugs

Sheepish Annie said...

::Hugs:: I'm thinking good thoughts for ya!


It's their job to try and win. Ugly business. Just remember that even though it is about your life it isn't personal. Sounds like your family is back in your corner. So happy for you. Hang in there.