Monday, May 24, 2010

Ooops... I did it again.

And now I have officially moved the burn pile to the right about three feet where there are no trees. Why didn't I think about that a couple years ago 'cuz this happens every year when I'm burnin' brush. Sorry to my tree... but you'll be ok :)


Stacie said...

Wow, your burn pile must have been pretty high. Poor tree got a little trim, if you will.

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Yeah, that tree comes back every year doesn't it? How's the garden doing? Has your lavender started to come out of the ground yet? xxoo

Kath said...

The fact that you have such a thing as a "burn pile" that you actually do light on fire (as opposed to confidential docs heading for a shredder) and that you can light it on fire without going to jail or paying thousands of dollars in fines? Possibly the biggest difference between where we each live.

Welcome to California! We don't have Summer - we have "Fire Season". :(

Karen said...

Oh thank you for your latest post, I needed a good laugh this morning (and once again you came through for me). I am still sitting here giggling. I was actually a little disappointed this year when you wrote in an earlier post that you hadn't set any brush on fire. But thankfully you carried on the tradition again this year.

Have a good one, hugs.