Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Angry Birds - And if you don't have an iphone/touch, skip this post :)

It's a 99 cent iphone app and I'm totally addicted. It's a stupid sling shot kind of game, with just enough stupid luck and a little bit of skill and a whole lot of levels. Quite challenging, yet mindless and I highly recommend it if you have an iphone. I've been playin' it all week. I'm really re-establishing my love affair with my iphone these days. With the ereader, birds, fish pond, yahtzee, skype, internet, QVC, the local weather and my alarm clock oh and another cool picture takin' app I think is free called Project365 is verry cool too.. everything all in one little package. i swear - how did I ever live without one of these smart phones? i don't know but it ain't gonna happen again :)

So i spent the day tryin' to stay calm and keep my back flat.. gotta get this sucker cured cuz I'm gonna be makin' the annual journey to see my dad in just a couple weeks. A 9 hour ride each way needs a back that doesn't hurt before ya start. And I got a tetanus shot the other day - is it normal for it to be all red, hot and very painful to the touch two days later??

So then this evening I had to start sorting through the massive piles of documents I have collected so I can start my response... it has to be sent back within 2 weeks. So much to say but it needs to be concise and organized.. neither of which are my forte. But I have a friend who's gonna help. Believe it or not, she's my ex-boss and the woman who first hired me into the hospital. Strange how things go around... anyway.. I'm grateful for her help. But still just overwhelmed with the enormity of what I'm doing and the work and emotional roller coaster I'm gonna be on for the next little while...

So thank goodness for that little iphone invention. So distracting if even for a minute and distraction is good :) And hey, if anybody else finds any cool apps, do tell - oh and I just thought of another - there's a lite version and a full version for like 2 bucks but it's called Fuji leaves. Totally useless but very calming. check it out.

So there we go. I wish I were tired, but looks like tonight sleep is gonna need a little help. G'nite.


Stacie said...

My husband plays that bird game on his iPhone. He loves it. He also plays Doodle Jumper.

That's good that you'll be having a friend help you compile a response. Good luck with that and take care!

Eve said...

I'm glad you have a friend to help with the response, especially someone who has worked for the place. Will your lawyer be looking over it?

As for the tetanus shot, I had a similar reaction. Thank god it's good for a decade!