Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Finally.. the dental stuff is done. Seems like it's been goin' on forever, but after a painless root canal last week, I had a nearly painless tooth extraction yesterday. Well.. as close to painless as it could be, anyway.

It was close for a minute there though.. when my ride didn't show up to drive me to the appointment. I waited till the last possible second until I knew I just needed to go. I was horrified knowing that without someone to drive me, they wouldn't put me to sleep for the procedure and I'd have to go through this with just Novocaine. Horrified. Terrified. Really, really scared. But I had already been in so much pain for so long, but it had to be done and I was the one in charge of makin' it so!

Then... I got the call, while in the dentists chair but thankfully just before they started... my ride was late but on the way. So I got to go to sleep and when I woke up it was done! So that's that. Another week of penicillin, cut back on pain pills and some soft food today and back to work tomorrow. Yay (although even that really hasn't been so bad the last week or two since the boss has been leavin' me alone). But honestly, if i had to have a tooth crisis - and had to have all that stuff done - this was the best experience I could have had.

Oh, and I might have to come up with a newborn to pay for all that dental nice-nice.. but hey.. ::laughing:: For now I'm feeling MUCH better and it always helps when you have a doc who's not stingy with the pain pills *grin*.


Stacie said...

Hallelujah for pain relief! Glad that all is going. Now hopefully you can put mouth issues behind you :)

Karen said...

Glad to hear your ride showed up and you are all done.

I don't have a newborn, but if they will take a firstborn I will give you mine freely to take care of your dental debt. (She is really pissing me off this week.) She is older, but maybe they will negotiate.

Have a good one.