Wednesday, May 12, 2010

oh yes.. MUCH better :)

I feel like I'm seein' the light and I see that I haven't been posting very many pictures lately - and I know! I want to, but since I switched to an imac it seems like it takes so many, many steps from takin' the picture to gettin' it on here. I use a camera card to computer to Picnik and then Photobucket and then to Blogger. Anybody have any ideas for an easier system, I'm all ears.

I need to get this figured out 'cuz I got another package of flower roots in the mail today. I'll be takin' lots of puurrrty flower pictures soon enough :) Well... unless it snows again but i think we're good to go now. We shall see.

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Stacie said...

All we use at home are Macs. I have a MacBook Pro. I use iPhoto for all my photos. I upload them off of my card into iPhoto, then onto Blogger. Bada bing, bada boom.