Monday, May 3, 2010

okeydokey then.

Apparently, I am not dealing with bright people. At noon the boss finally spoke to me. Not so much as a good morning before then. But it seems I'm to keep on doing the same job I'm doing now. Even tho the old secretary came back, and is a MUCH lower grade and it's her job I'm doing... they are giving her special projects to work on while I do the druge work. Are they freakin' kidding me? With this whole case looming and everything, you'd think they'd JUMP on the chance to change my job around, immediately.

But not so. ::sigh:: I think I'm still in shock. Don't know what I was expecting but it surely wasn't this. Idiots.

PS. Got a dental appointment on Wednesday with a very good group and I've been there before... and as horrid as it will be.. I truly can't wait. I can handle a lot of pain, but this has been more than a week now and this girl is plum tuckered out from tryin' to keep it under control. Besides.. I want to eat again.. someday :) But for now, cocktails seem to be workin' fine.

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Kath said...

Ooo...ask if you can self-medicate a bit beforehand? I know you are laughing now but seriously, several years ago I went in for a major complicated root canal and was having trouble keeping my butt in the chair even. The dentist was really nice (and hawt!) and joked around about tequila shooters so I mentioned that if I'd just had a nice big glass of wine I'd have probably been a much more mellow patient. He said he had plenty of patients who needed some sort of meds in advance, some take Valium or something similar, and he was fine with that as long as I told him what I had taken so he could be prepared & plan accordingly. I guess his feeling was that if the patient needed a little somethin' to take the edge off and relax, it was going to go easier for both the patient and the dentist to get through the procedure.