Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh, and my good deed for the day

I was sittin' outside cuz I had half an hour to wait for the bus to come home. And I'm sittin' there just watchin' people. Then I see this guy with a camera.. way off in the corner, kind of hiding. It's a big camera and he doesn't look like press or news - they usually set right up on a tripod on the sidewalk. So he's peekin thru trees and such, and I swear that lens was pointed directly at me - and more than once. But no matter, it was kind of sketchy that he'd be takin' pictures of patients like that and employees comin' and goin'.. so I went back in and talked to Security. I pointed him out and another officer came up from behind him. I saw the guy take out some papers and try talkin' to security.. but he didn't let him go. Last I saw was the guy bein' walked inside with the officer.

But the really sketchy thing is that when I first told the officer what was happenin' I said something like "he shouldn't be takin' pictures of patients" and the officer said "or it could be terrorist activity".

Oh Yay. I feel better now.


Kath said...

Hmmm...all I can think of is maybe an investigator trying to catch someone doing something they shouldn't be or being in a place they shouldn't be?


Hey Girl maybe your new job should be private investigator. You would be masterful at blending in and watching for unusual activity!

Take care!